Contact details for Dunwich Airfield are

PO Box 29, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island, Qld. 4183

Tel: (07) 34099727

Email: [email protected]

Dunwich Airfield is leased from the Queensland State Goverment for a term of 30 years. The lease has 8 years left to run, expiring on 30 September, 2029.

If you wish to complain or make a claim regarding the damage her airfield has done to your aircraft or you have the misfortune to have a sublease and she has attempted to increase your annual fee way above what was agreed to(again)*, then:

The lessee of the Airfield Head Lease is Stradbroke Air P/L whose sole director is Patricia Bowden, who owns all 19,404 shares in the company. Contact details are:

1/3 Katandra Crt, Cleveland, QLD, 4163

Tel: (07) 31342039 Mob: 0410 558334

*One time she even tried retrospective increases going back several years! You have been warned.

Last updated 30 August, 2021.